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THA was integrated into the Bucherer Group, and the view company was renamed Carl F. Bucherer Technologies SA (CFBT). At present, the Sainte-Croix operation is led by technical director Dr. Albrecht Haake, who oversees a staff of about twenty. Dr. Haake is currently focusing significantly of his energy on putting into place industrial structures that will allow for the further development of capacities at the workshop. "Industrialization is just not a question of cost, but rather a question of good quality," says Haake. "There is no passing lane. In the future we will only grow as fast as the circumstances allow."w."

In 1924, Arthur Charlet opened the Buttes Watch Co., in his birthplace of Buttes inside the canton of Neuchatel. When he started out almost ninety years ago, Charlet created pocket watches in all variations, and soon he was exporting his wares to neighboring Germany. In 1930, Charlet added wristwatches to his collection, though the company worked mainly with calibers like the FEF, Peseux, and FHF. In 1938, a change was made to the AS1130, a specifically robust piece of work that went int ideal swiss replica watches used by German soldiers and therefore became widely known as the Wehrmachtskaliber ("German Armed Forces caliber"). In 1953, Charlet's son-in-law, Edwin Volkart, took over the helm at the company, and with great verve and drivend thanks to Germany's "economic miracle" inside the fiftiese managed to expand it considerably. Under his direction, BWC's workshops usually kept up technologically with the times. That meant that in 1967, the company already had an electromechanical view in its collection, followed by the first quartz digital display in 1972 and the first fully developed quartz analog view in 1975.

Owing to a shortage of skilled watchmakers inside the remote area from the Val de Travers and a change of ownership, in 1991 the company was forced to move its manufacturing operations to Solothurn canton and eventually to Bienne/Biel. By positioning itself in both on the essential hubs of horology, Biel and Pforzheim, BWC was able to offer efficient customer service and benefit from excellent sales.

In 2003,Cheap replica watches merchant Manfred Starck became head on the traditional Swiss brand and set about developing a new marketing concept. His goal is to merge contemporary design with exceptional Swiss high quality and offer all that at an affordable price.

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